Mycoplasma Mastitis: An Emerging Disease Concern

Changes in dairy herd management, primarily herd expansion, have turned mycoplasma mastitis into an emerging disease. The U.S. National Animal Health Monitoring Service conducted a recent survey, which estimated during any single year, 20 percent of 500-plus-cow herds in the U.S. will have a positive mycoplasma mastitis bulk tank. Read More »

Epidemiology of Mastitis

Mastitis is probably the most important health disorder on dairy farms. This is reflected in a relatively high incidence of clinical mastitis and, on many farms a high prevalence of subclinical mastitis. Read More »

Update: Blue Bell says Listeria threat will always remain

Officials with Blue Bell Creameries say they are still finding Listeria bacteria in their facilities, but that their enhanced cleaning procedures are working. Blue Bell ice creamThe company recalled all of its ice cream and other frozen dairy products April 20, 2015, after an enhanced sampling program found Listeria monocytogenes in more than one product and in more than one plant. Read the full article here. Read More »
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