Additional Information

Advantages of using the Acu-POLARIS Pathogen Detection System:

    • Easy - Simple to run with clearly reported results
    • Fast - Results in 3.5 hours or less
    • Specific - Targets the exact DNA sequence of the bacteria/pathogen you’re testing for
    • Sensitive - Our system leverages the inherent specificity of PCR, and our unique algorithm screens out

normal healthy microflora from an actual infection, reducing false positive results

  • Objective - No guesswork compared to interpreting a culture plate
  • Clear - The answer is either + or - for each test
  • Flexible - Samples that have antibiotics in them can still be tested (Not the case when culturing!)
  • Validated - Our system has been validated extensively with a highly respected local third party lab


When should cows be tested for mastitis?

  • Clinical signs of mastitis
  • Introduction of new cows to the herd
  • Screening entire herd
  • At freshening
  • At dryoff
  • High Somatic Cell Count (SCC’s)
  • High Bulk Tank Somatic Cell Count (BTCC’s)
  • Testing at organic farms


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