Why Choose Acumen Detection & How We Can Help


Acumen Detection

Has developed an affordable, easy-to-use on-farm system that enables real time management decisions to control mastitis infections in herds and increase profits. The Acu-POLARIS pathogen detection system is a PCR-based detection system that will allow you to identify the specific cause of mastitis in 3.5 hours or less.

Benefits of Our System


Why choose Acumen Detection?


Acumen Detection is a US-based company located in Syracuse, NY that has developed an affordable, easy-to-use, on-farm PCR-based pathogen detection system. The Acu-POLARIS pathogen detection system enables real time management decisions to control mastitis infections in herds and increase farm profits. Acumen Detection is the first company to bring the power and accuracy of real-time PCR into a simple, easy, and user-friendly process that can be used on the farm. We have introduced a level of consistency in milk quality testing that has never been seen before by taking the guesswork out of interpreting results.

The Acu-POLARIS pathogen detection system excels in analyzing even the toughest samples and helps “see through the clutter” in samples that are often reported as contaminated or “no growth” in the culture-based systems. Our MYPRO assay can determine the presence of Mycoplasma and Prototheca in 3.5 hours or less. These pathogens both require special culture techniques, and have very long culture times (7-10 days). Knowing about possible infection quickly gives the producer tighter control of herd health, as well as increased revenues. The Acu-POLARIS pathogen detection system is the optimal solution for detecting mastitis causing pathogens because of its specificity, sensitivity, speed and objectivity.


The Acu-POLARIS System

The Acu-POLARIS pathogen detection system is a high performance, PCR-based, easy-to-use, on-farm detection system that will dramatically decrease delays and inaccuracies that occur in current culture-based methods. Our detection system will give you same day results, so that within 3.5 hours or less, accurate and immediate treatment can begin, saving you lost revenue. The Acu-POLARIS pathogen detection system includes an easy-to-use tablet that walks the user through the detection system step by step, eliminating errors. No internet connection is required and instructions are offered in multiple languages.



How can Acumen Detection help?

Getting real time results is extremely important in identifying infected cows, so that the appropriate management decisions can be made, and there is limited exposure to the infection. Producers should work closely with their local veterinarian to establish proper on-farm protocol and specific treatment options. By using the Acu-POLARIS pathogen detection system, producers get results fast, can consult with their vet to make more timely and informed treatment decisions, provide more humane animal treatment, and ultimately increase overall farm profits.

Acumen Detection’s mission is to provide a faster, more efficient way to detect pathogens, We strive to keep our people, food, and environment safe with easy-to-use, point of need technologies. At Acumen, we understand the global impact of dairy farming since many of our employees have lived, worked, and experienced farm life.