Environmental Testing

What is the Acu-Swab-R®

The Acu-Swab-R® surface sampling kit, combined with the spectroscopy device attachment (side-car), are a highly-sensitive, patented chemical collection tool that enables trace-level detection and identification of chemical samples with handheld military grade in-the-field Raman and FTIR spectroscopy devices.

  • Small, self-contained, easy to use
  • Indefinite shelf life
  • Improves the sensitivity of handheld Raman and FTIR devices
  • Optimized for the Thermo Scientific FirstDefender® RMX
  • Solvent resistant for analyte extraction and GC/MS or LC/MS analysis
  • Retains sample integrity for in-field and reach-back laboratory analysis

How does it work?

Unscrew the cap with the conveniently attached collection swab. Swipe the tip on the surface. Re-screw the cap. Perform your analysis by inserting the vial into the side-car attachment that connects to the Thermo Scientific FirstDefender® RMX.

Or, if you don’t use Thermo Scientific’s FirstDefender® RMX - no problem. Just contact us for free consultation on how the Acu-Swab-R® sampling kit would work with your equipment. We can customize a side-car attachment for almost any spectroscopy device out there.


The Acu-Swab-R® surface sampling kits can be utilized by police, military, first responders and fire departments across several fields of study and investigation, including:

  • Biothreats
  • Forensic sampling
  • Industrial applications
    • Environmental sampling for chemical and industrial plants


How accurate are the results?

The proprietary substrate allows for clear detection with a high degree of accuracy not found in other samplers. Independently tested, the Acu-Swab-R® surface sampling kit has been proven to detect a variety of materials.

  • Chemical warfare agents (CWA)
    • VX nerve agent
    • Mustard gas
    • Soman
  • CWA precursors/degradation products
  • Drugs and narcotics, such as methamphetamine
  • Explosives
  • Toxic industrial chemicals and materials
  • Ability to extract for biological testing
  • Easy to use
  • Lowers FirstDefender RMX™ level of detection by nearly five orders of magnitude
  • Solvent-free field sampling and analysis of liquids and solids on surfaces
  • Does not require any modifications to your existing FirstDefender RMX™ sensor
  • Compatible with Thermo Scientific TruDefender™FT X (FTIR-based instruments)
  • Samples are safely sealed in a vial for easy transport to laboratories
  • Non-destructive detection technique
  • Allows additional analytical testing such as extraction or desorption (HPLC, GC, FTIR etc.)
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