Acumen Detection

Our Story

Powerful technology.
Surprising origins.

Acumen Detection has its roots in Central New York dairy country… using technology adapted from American military operations halfway around the world.

During Operation Desert Storm, the US Army developed portable, early-detection systems that could save the lives of troops under chemical or biological attack. Later, it became apparent that this breakthrough pathogen-detection technology could revolutionize the way dairy farmers protect the health of their herds.

Acumen Detection worked with researchers at Cornell University to develop innovative assays and incorporate Real-Time PCR for detection that is specific, sensitive and rapid. We also introduced the Acu-POLARIS (Portable Onsite Laboratory And Rapid Identification System), empowering producers to make faster, more informed management decisions.

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What it means for you today

There are currently two ways to test for mastitis. Mastitis can cost a producer thousands of dollars annually in reduced milk yield, veterinary treatment and discard.


  • Milk cultures shipped to off-site laboratories
  • Results take days
  • Accuracy can be affected by subjective interpretation

Acumen Detection System

  • On-farm testing
  • Results in 3 hours
  • No interpretation – get a YES or NO answer
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There’s just no comparison. The ability to accurately detect major mastitis-causing organisms, including Mycoplasma, within 3 hours, is the game-changer you need.

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