Benefits of Our System


Acumen Detection

Has developed an affordable, easy-to-use, on-farm system that enables real-time management decisions to control mastitis infections in herds and increase profits. The Acu-POLARIS pathogen detection system is a PCR-based detection system that will allow you to detect the specific cause of mastitis in 3 hours.

How can Acumen Detection save you money?

Getting fast results is extremely important in identifying infected cows, so that the appropriate management decisions can be made, and there is limited exposure to contagious pathogens. Producers should work closely with their local veterinarian to establish proper on-farm protocols and specific treatment options. We provide faster results so that you can consult with your vet to make more timely and informed management decisions, provide more humane animal treatment, and ultimately increase overall farm profits. 



Costs of Mastitis

• Reduced milk production                                      • Withhold time after antibiotics

• Labor                                                                     • Cost to feed cow per day

• Testing/Diagnostics                                               • Replacement heifer

• Veterinarian services                                             • Blanket treatment

• Treatment                                                              • Days to hold before slaughter

• Dumped milk while waiting for test results           • Spread of infection


Benefits of using the Acu-POLARIS Detection System:

Easy.............No expertise required

Specific.......Targets the exact DNA sequence of the pathogen you’re testing for   

Sensitive......System detects target pathogens present at low levels

Fast..............Results in 3 hours

Objective.....Software produces a simple detected or absent result

Flexible........Milk samples that have been frozen, preserved or contain antibiotic residues can be tested

Reliable.......Our assays have been validated by a respected third party lab


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