Our Customers

"The Acumen system has been a tremendous help in controlling a Mycoplasma outbreak in our herd. Prior to purchasing the Acumen system, cows would be in the treated pen 7-14 days before the previously used testing system could identify a positive cow. Now three hours after the cow is tested we know what her status is and can make culling decisions immediately, thereby reducing the threat of spreading mycoplasma to another cow. We highly recommend this system for identifying all mastitis species rapidly."


Bret Butterfass

Rainbow Acres Dairy LLC
Swanville, MN

"I had been interested in on-farm mastitis testing for a while, but culturing was going to be difficult to do correctly for our situation. I knew that there are cost savings to be had in determining a proper treatment protocol, or simply culling before treatment begins. We invest heavily in mastitis testing, but were not satisfied with the turnaround, shipping samples out, and eventually getting results back allowed the contagious organisms too much time to infect other cows. So I was very interested when I saw the Acu-POLARIS at Empire Farm Days. Kent had a great sales pitch, hitting all of my concerns about the product with well documented research. He contacted me several times after the show to continue the relationship, and gave a demonstration at our farm with some of our samples. Kent’s training was thorough, and he carefully went through each step. After the training, Kent has continued to check in and make sure the product is working for us. He has explained the products and how to buy them at the best rates, putting in our order to ensure we got what we needed. Kent was great to work with, and I would recommend him to anyone considering the product. All in all, a great product with excellent support behind it."


Dan Barnes, Owner

Barnes Black & Whiteface Ranch

"We've been using the Acumen system and are impressed by its speed and accuracy. By doing the tests ourselves, we've been able to make culling and treatment decisions in matter of hours, not days."


Aaron Allen

Allenwaite Farms
Schaghticoke, N.Y.

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