Company History

The team at Acumen Detection has decades of experience developing state-of-the-art solutions for those who work in the most stressful conditions; our military and first responders.

We have learned that you have to design the system around the people that will use it: the operator is always at the center of our solution. Our systems provide lab quality results without the need for highly trained technicians and expensive facilities. One of our objectives has always been to dramatically reduce the delays and costs that are caused by the dependence on central laboratory testing.

We leveraged our experience developing Point of Need (PoN) systems that detect pathogens and toxins for the military in our new on-farm system that tests for the pathogens that cause mastitis in dairy cows. This novel on-farm system (The Acu-POLARIS and Assays), enables dairy producers with the ability to detect the pathogens that could be causing mastitis in their herd in 3 hours - including Mycoplasma!

Our Point of Need (PoN) based systems utilize real-time PCR (qPCR) technology for sensitive, accurate identification of pathogens. Conventional PCR can be shut down by soil, salts, and food matrices like milk. Conventional PCR samples have to go through a clean-up process that can take up to an hour, consuming expensive materials. Our real-time PCR assays are formulated to be tolerant of these materials and our sample preparation methods are quicker and inexpensive. Our assays have been formulated for extremely long shelf life. They can be stored at room temperature for two years. This means people working in the field or on the farm don’t have to worry about keeping our assays refrigerated.

We will continue to utilize our experience developing systems for the military as well as  the input of our new customers, dairy producers, to ensure a robust pipeline of new products that will further assist our customers with pathogen detection in the field and on the farm.


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