Acumen Detection is excited to announce that our friends at Dairy One located in Ithaca, NY will now be offering testing for DNA associated with Mycoplasma bovis using the MYCOB™ PCR reagents created by our team here at Acumen. This new milk test is a value-added option that will help monitor the health of your herd.

Fast and convenient

  • Utilizes the same milk samples (including DHI preserved samples) that you may already send to Dairy One
  • You get the results within 1-2 days after the sample arrives in the lab giving you more up-to-date information for decision-making

Order your tests today

If you would like to take advantage of mycoplasma bovis testing with Dairy One, please contact your local DHI Technician or reach out to Dairy One by emailing or calling 607-252-7575.

Dairy One is running an introductory offer until the end of 2023 of $13.00 per sample. In 2024, prices will go up to $16.85 per sample.