Acumen Detection

The Acu-POLARIS Detection System

Harnessing the power of Real-Time PCR for healthier dairies.

The Acu-POLARIS System has revolutionized Real-Time PCR technology for use on the dairy farm. Producers and veterinarians can now identify mastitis-causing pathogens in hours, not days. No lab-grade equipment, special expertise or culturing required!

What it does:

  • The Acu-POLARIS (Portable Onsite Laboratory And Rapid Identification System) is a unique, easy-to-use, on-farm method for detecting targeted mastitis-causing pathogens in milk in just 3 hours.
  • Same-day results enable dairies to act quickly to mitigate the risk of disease transmission and reduce costs associated with milk discard and antibiotic therapy.
  • Today, dairy farms and veterinary clinics across North America are using the Acu-POLARIS System to routinely screen fresh heifers and clinically affected cows, prevent disease outbreaks, and improve overall herd health and profitability.
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Why it's Unique:

  • The Acu-POLARIS System uses Real-Time PCR (DNA-based) technology in a new way to overcome milk testing challenges.
  • It's more affordable and easier to use than other PCR-based systems. Any dairy can afford this breakthrough technology and save thousands on mastitis prevention!
  • It's faster, more accurate and more reliable than culturing for detecting mastitis-causing pathogens in milk.

No guesswork!

Proprietary chemistry allows Acu-POLARIS assays to successfully perform without the need for time-consuming “clean-up” of raw milk samples. The unique algorithm discerns microbes due to infection from background microflora, taking the guesswork out of mastitis pathogen detection.

How it Works:

  • After less than four hours of training, users can run tests via a two-step, 25-minute sample preparation process.
  • Results are presented in a clear format: you’ll see either “pathogen detected” or “pathogen not detected.” Save the report as a PDF, print it out or electronically transfer it to your farm’s data management system.
  • Each Acu-POLARIS System includes an easy-to-use interface and app that walks the user through the process step by step. Instructions are available in English, Spanish or French Canadian. No Internet connection required.
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