qPCR Assays

Test biological specimens and receive results in less than one hour

Near real-time, one-step detection and identification of biological agents

Acumen Detection's unique, interferent resistant qPCR assays provide fast and simple detection and identification of Bacillus anthracis (2 targets; 1 chromosome and 1 plasmid), Francisella tularensis; Yersina pestis; Brucella sp.; Coxiella burnetii; smallpox (pan-orthopox);, spore simulants Bacillus atrophaeus (also known as Bacillus subtilus var. niger (BG)) and Bacillus thuringiensis; and Venezuelan equine encephalitis (VEE) assay with a 5-minute reverse transcriptase cycle.

  • More reliable results

    All primers and probes have been redesigned in order to reduce cross reactivity with near neighbors which delivers fewer false positives.

  • One-step RNA reverse transcriptase assay

    Our completely redesigned and re-worked one-step VEE assay incorporates an industry-best, five minute reverse transcriptase step.

  • Universal “plug and play” functionality

    Our fluorescence-based technologies are compatible with any qPCR platform and our assays are compatible with all sampling buffers currently in use.

  • Simple processing

    Our assays utilize a very specific master mix of chemistries that resist environmental interference, therefore eliminating the need to clean or process “dirty” samples. The result is a drastically reduced time – 5 minutes or less – for an operator to interact with the sample (depending on the qPCR platform employed).

  • Reduced training requirements

    Our simple processing requirements for biological samples mean that operator training needs are minimized. An operator with no scientific background can be fully trained in less than two hours.

  • Low life cycle management costs

    We allow you to do more with less through our assays. Our assays are compatible with existing instruments, so there is no new hardware to invest in. This also means that you don’t have to pay to maintain any new equipment or be trained on how to use new equipment. In addition, our simplified sample processing requirements mean a shortened time to identify a threat agent.

  • Immediate availability

    Our qPCR assays can be freeze-dried and packaged for ease-of-use on fielded qPCR platforms. Contact us today to find out how easy it is to incorporate our qPCR assays onto your platform.


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Acumen Detection’s innovative qPCR Assays are available for sale to the general public.
These assays are export controlled and require appropriate approval for transfer to a foreign person/entity.

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