Toxin Assays

Our assays give you the ability to detect biologically active toxins in the field.

Toxin AssaysAcumen Detection’s patent-pending Acu-Bot™, Acu-Ricin™ and Acu-PAPA™ , Acu-Shiga ™ Staphylococcal Enterotoxin B (SEB) toxin assays deliver fluorescence based, near real-time, one-step detection of biologically active Botulinum Neurotoxin, Ricin/Abrin, Shiga and SEB. Our Acu-Ricin™ assay has the proven ability to detect biologically active abrin toxin. The fluorescence based assays also work on PCR platforms, eliminating the need for responders to carry a second instrument to the field to identify toxins.


Actionable information

Our assays detect the presence of the toxins, but more importantly, determine the biological activity and therefore the associated hazard of the toxins present. This provides decision makers with actionable information on whether the toxin poses a hazard to human life. Acumen is the only company producing fieldable assays that detect biologically active toxins in near real time.

Universal “plug and play” functionality

Our fluorescence-based technologies are compatible with virtually any qPCR platform, expanding the versatility of PCR equipment for advanced toxin detection and identification. Additionally, our assays are compatible with common sampling buffers currently in use.

Simple processing

Our assays utilize a very specific master mix of chemistries that resist environmental interference, therefore eliminating the need to clean or process “dirty” samples. The result is a drastically reduced time – 5 minutes or less – for an operator to interact with the sample.

Reduced training requirements

Our simple processing requirements means that operator training needs are minimized. An operator with no scientific background can be fully trained in less than two hours.

Low life cycle management costs

We allow you to do more with less through our assays as they are compatible with existing instruments, so there is no new hardware to invest in. This also means that you don’t have to pay to maintain or be trained on how to use any new equipment. In addition, our simplified sample processing requirements mean a shortened time to detect a toxin.


Our extreme long shelf life decrease cost and increases usability.

stability chart

Immediate availability

Our novel and innovative toxin assays can be freeze-dried and packaged for ease-of-use on fielded qPCR platforms. Contact us today to find out how easy it is to incorporate our toxin assays onto your platform.


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Acumen Detection’s innovative Toxin Assays are available for sale to the general public.

These assays are export controlled and require appropriate approval for transfer to a foreign person/entity.

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