MYCOB Research StudyMYCOB Research Study

MYCOB Research Study

Roger Saltman, DVM, MBA, a consultant and former chief medical officer of U.S. cattle and equine business at Zoetis, has recently completed a study* demonstrating that on-farm milk testing with PCR technology that detects oligonucleotides (specific DNA fragments) of Mycoplasma bovis outperforms traditional culture testing done on farm or in a lab.

The research study used a large number of raw milk samples with specific concentrations of the mastitis-causing pathogen M. bovis added. Each of the samples was processed using the Acu-POLARIS thermocycler/computer interface, Milk Lysis Prep Reagent, and MYCOB PCR reagent designed by Acumen Detection.

​Click here to view our one-page research summary. 

Click here to view the study's scientific poster. The study was presented at the National Mastitis Council Annual Meeting.