Healthy Herds = Profitable Dairies

We work every day to help ensure that your herd is healthy, and your dairy is profitable.


Our objective is to dramatically reduce the delays and costs that are caused by dependence on centralized laboratory testing. On-farm detection will detect the cause of diseases like mastitis at the farm, and in three hours or less, informed management decisions can be made, and revenue losses reduced.

Our Vision:

Acumen Detection will transform the way dairy producers across the globe monitor the health of their herds by providing pathogen detection tools and the data on the farm.

Our Mission:

Acumen Detection provides an affordable, quick, easy to use on-farm pathogen detection system that will improve the health of herds and increase profitability of farms all around the world.

Our Values:


Our team is passionate about providing dairy producers with an affordable, quick, easy-to-use, accurate on-farm detection system that improves and maintains the health of their herds.  We understand that happy, healthy cows result in higher profits for the farm.  Our on-farm detection products enable faster, more rational management decisions to promote animal welfare, reduced antibiotic use, and improved farm revenue.


The team at Acumen Detection has decades of experience developing state-of-the-art, point-of-need solutions for detecting pathogens.  We have learned from experience that you have to design your system around the people that will use it.  Our systems provide lab-quality results without the need for highly trained technicians and expensive facilities. Our graphics are simple, and we offer multiple language choices on our interface, eliminating the need for training. Every step is controlled to ensure samples are accurately associated with specific animals, and that results are then accurately reported.

We dramatically reduce the delays and costs that are caused by dependence on centralized laboratory testing.  Our on-farm detection system will detect the pathogens that can cause mastitis on the farm in 3 hours.  Rapid access to this data results in more informed management decisions and reduces revenue losses.


Real-time Polymerase Chain Reaction (qPCR) is a state-of-the-art technology for sensitive, accurate identification of pathogens.  However, conventional PCR can be shut down by soil, salts, and food matrices like milk. For conventional PCR, samples have to go through a clean-up step that can take up to an hour and consume expensive materials.  Acumen’s novel PCR assays are formulated to be tolerant of these materials, so our sample clean-up costs are greatly reduced compared to conventional PCR. Our assays are also formulated for an extremely long shelf life. They can be stored at room temperatures for two years and can even tolerate storage at 120°F (50°C) for up to 3 months. This means people working on the farm don’t have to worry about keeping our assays refrigerated.


We listen – really listen – to what people in the dairy industry say they need. We have gone to the experts, herdsmen, farm managers, dairy producers and veterinarians to learn what their challenges are, and what they need to improve the health of their herds. We can come up with great solutions, but if the solution doesn’t fit the need, it won’t be very useful.  We spend a lot of time throughout the development process to make sure that we are delivering relevant, useful capabilities.


We have the courage to take the unconventional approaches that other technology companies believe are too hard to do. Game-changing solutions only come from those who dare to take chances, think outside the box, and put passion and commitment into creating the solution – that’s Acumen Detection.

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