Healthy Herds = Profitable Dairies

We work every day to help ensure that your herd is healthy, and your dairy is profitable.


Our objective is to dramatically reduce the delays and costs that are caused by dependence on centralized laboratory testing. On-farm detection will detect the cause of diseases like mastitis at the farm, and in three hours, informed management decisions can be made, and revenue losses reduced.

Our Vision:

Acumen Detection will transform the way dairy producers across the globe monitor the health of their herds by providing rapid on-farm detection tools for the pathogens that cause mastitis.

Our Mission:

Acumen Detection is 100% committed to improving herd health and increasing farm profitability through rapid on-farm pathogen detection.

Our Values:

We have the passion to serve, the courage to take risks, and the integrity to do it right while holding ourselves accountable. Together we work hard, respect diversity, and have fun while we do it.


We are inspired and committed to serving not only dairy producers but the individuals, businesses, and animals of the world.


We dare to innovate and revolutionize without fear of failure.


We take pride in being genuine and authentic with full transparency you can trust.


We are a diverse group that likes to have fun while remaining respectful and grateful for each other.

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