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Detect Mycoplasma and other mastitis-causing pathogens in just three hours.

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Contagious Mastitis:
Silent, Spreading and Costly

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Mastitis caused by contagious pathogens such as Staphylococcus aureus and Mycoplasma may manifest as a drop in milk production, a swollen quarter or visibly abnormal milk. Cows with subclinical infections, first-lactation heifers and a significant percentage of cows with Mycoplasma can show few or no clinical signs. Real-Time PCR is a powerful tool to help you quickly and accurately identify these dangerous pathogens.

Reducing the incidence of both contagious and environmental mastitis starts with knowing the pathogens responsible. Culture results are typically reported within 3 days, but detecting a slow-growing, fast-spreading organism like Mycoplasma could take up to 10 days, placing your herd at risk. Consider these management practices known to help control bacterial growth and ask your veterinarian or animal health supplier about on-farm systems for same-day pathogen detection.
The Acu-POLARIS Detection system identifies important mastitis-causing pathogens within just 3 hours, enabling you to take action and make important management decisions right away. Easy-to-use assays target specific microorganisms and report results as detected or absent. No culturing, special expertise or expensive lab equipment is required. Learn more about on-farm detection of mastitis-causing pathogens with Acumen Detection!
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